ET THE Extra-Terrestrial



Unlock the secrets of the universe with $ET!

Welcome to $ET

ET Token is an exciting new ERC20 token that pays homage to one of the most beloved characters in science fiction history—ET, the extraterrestrial from the iconic film.

With ongoing fascination surrounding the topic of alien visitations, ET Token aims to capture the imagination of enthusiasts while providing a unique and innovative investment opportunity.

Inspired by the timeless message of friendship and connection portrayed in the movie, ET Token seeks to foster a global community where people can come together, explore the mysteries of the universe, and invest in a token that aligns with their passions.

510 Million $ET

1/1 Tax


Phase 1

- Smart Contract
- Community growth
- Dextools
- Etherscan
- Partnerships

Phase 2

- CMC & CG Listing
- Press Releases
- Twitter Spaces
- Utility Development

Phase 3

- Marketing Campaign
- International Focus
- Tier 2 CEX Listing
- Further Development